Calendar Basics

Managing your Studio with the Calendar

Viewing the Calendar is the fastest way to at a glance see what's going on for your studio. Booked shoots will appear in blue. Leads who want a specific date for their shoot will appear in green. The colors of any external calendars will be determined by you.

You can also filter your calendar to show/hide your booked shoots, leads, and personnel by clicking on the name on the far left column under Calendar and Personnel sections.


When hovering over the calendared shoot, additional details appear including any assigned personnel.


Double click on the event on the calendar to be taken to the Shoot Overview page!


You can also add an event/appointment to the calendar by double-clicking on a day and then double-clicking on a start time. The event/appointment must be associated with a shoot. It will then be listed on your calendar and on the shoot itself under the On The Calendar section.



 Learn how to Integrate your External Calendars with ShootQ here>>

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