Integrate your Contact Form via Email

If you have a website that cannot currently connect to the ShootQ API, such as a bluDomain template, then you may be able to connect your website contact form to ShootQ through email! ShootQ allows you to send emails from most major website providers to a special address, which you can find by navigating to:

Settings > Contact Form > Integrate Your Website


You'll see your Lead Creation Email Address, which looks similar to this:



You need to have your website send carbon copies of your contact form emails to this special email address. Upon receiving an email, ShootQ will attempt to read the email and create a lead automatically!

IMPORTANT: ShootQ recommends that you have your website email you a copy of each lead as well.


Here are a few things which are required for the email integration to work:

• There must be a first and a last name (or a first and a last name in one 'Name' field)

• There must be a valid email address


Have the format of the emails look similar to this (with line breaks between each field):

Name: John Doe
Phone: (555) 555-2222
Event Type: Wedding
Wedding date: 10/12/2009
Comments: Comments go here.


ShootQ can recognize some basic field names, like NameEmailWedding Date, etc. So your field names need to match something ShootQ can recognize. We can recognize some aliases of the different field names. So for the Name field, we also recognize "Your Name" "Full Name" "Your Full Name" "First Name" and "Last Name." So if your "name" field is something funky like "Your Given Name is" or "What's Your Name, dude?" then ShootQ isn't going to be able to recognize what that field is supposed to be.


Here's a list of all the field names and their variations that ShootQ recognizes:

Field Name Aliases Required
First Name Your First Name Yes*
Last Name Your Last Name Yes*
Full Name Name
Your Name
Your Full Name
Full Names
Email Address Your Email
Your Email Address
Work Phone N/A No
Home Phone Your Phone
Daytime Phone
Cell Phone N/A No
Event Date Date of Event
Shoot Date
Your Event Date
Wedding Date
Your Wedding Date
Date of Your Wedding
Event Type Type of Event
Shoot Type
Type of Shoot
Interested In
Comments Message

* Either First Name and Last Name, or Full Name is required.

What about Custom Fields?

No problem. You can have custom fields. If ShootQ doesn't recognize a field name (eg. "Your Photography Budget"), the entire email will be available to view in the Correspondence section of the Shoot.

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