How do I adjust my prices for all of my products/services and packages?

Ready to raise your prices?  ShootQ gives you the ability to adjust your prices for all goods and services by either a flat amount or a percentage. 

To make a change to the prices of all of your products and services, click Settings > Pricing.


On the Screen with your Products and Services listed, click “Adjust my Prices” and choose whether you’d like to adjust these prices by a flat dollar amount or by a percentage.  You can also sort by category and change only the prices of the specific category you've chosen.  After you click Save Changes, the individual Retail Price for all products and services listed will be adjusted by the amount you specified.  This price adjustment, whether a percentage or flat dollar amount, can be positive or negative. You can also tell ShootQ to adjust your package prices which contain any of these products so that the packages retain their profit margins.

adjust prices.png

 You also can change the individual Retail Price or COGS by changing this value on any individual item:




This price adjustment can also be made to any packages you’ve created within ShootQ.  This adjustment will not affect the individual price of line items within that package, but rather the Retail price of each package.  After you enter the price adjustment and click to Save Changes, the package retail prices of all packages will be changed automatically.


You also can choose whether or not you’d like your price adjustment (a percentage or flat amount) to also adjust your package prices to maintain their profit margin.  This feature is useful if you've altered the Cost of Goods Sold amount on any of your products or if you're concerned that adjustments you made to the Retail Prices of products or services will affect your profit margins.



Finally, whenever you adjust your prices for products/services/packages, the new prices will NOT affect the price of those products/services/packages that are already booked. It will affect all future bookings/orders.

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