How do I change the "From" email address on Emails?

By default, ShootQ is set up to send emails from the ShootQ server, to help ensure that they are properly delivered and not redirected into SPAM or Junk mail folders. This is the reason that the email address that correspondence is sent from a address. Despite the inclusion of this address, the emails sent through ShootQ will be delivered with your Brand name in the From field and any replies to the email will be sent to your Brand email address (as well as your ShootQ Correspondence, if you enable the Archive Automatic Client Responses feature.

In the example below, an email sent from to a account will display the Brand Name (Lacour-Demo) and the Subject. Only by looking at the information in the header of the email address will the ShootQ email address be displayed. And when the client replies to this email (with the Archive Automatic Client Response feature turned on), the reply is sent to two email addresses: the brand email address and to the shoot email address (where it is logged with the shoot's Correspondence).




When sending emails from ShootQ, you can change the "From" email address to your own email address using our Advanced Settings. Although we do not recommend this because of its potential to cause some emails not be properly delivered, we have provided the option to use your own email address, if you choose, by visiting this section of ShootQ.

Settings > Emails > Deliverability and Composition

Here you will see the default option ( displayed in the way that it would likely appear to your client. 


You can enable your own Brand email as the From address by clicking the second option, but we strongly urge you to take the time to follow the displayed instructions to help ensure that your emails will make it to the recipient (you need to create an SPF record in your website domain panel so that these emails are not treated as SPAM). Your domain provider should be able to help you set this up (here's an article explaining the process in GoDaddy), but if this all looks like Greek to you, we strongly advise you to continue using the default email address. If it is properly configured you will see a check mark next to the email address. If it is misconfigured you will see a red 'X'.


If you do decide to enable this and have followed the onscreen instructions to help ensure that your emails are delivered, you will have access to the following drop-down menu in any email you send through ShootQ. It will allow you to define the From address of the email as either your Brand address or the address of the User who is currently logged in. 

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