Specifying Options on Products

In ShootQ, you have the ability to specify “Options” on your products such as finish, color, size etc.  When you're setting up your pricing you also can assign an associated cost to these additional options you’ll offer your clients.  Now, when you're creating a proposal or an additional order, if your client knows which option they'd like, you'll be able to include this in their proposal/order.  You can also enable your clients to be able to select which options they want on their own, through your Pre- and Post- Booking Pages.

This feature is designed to help organize your studio price list so that your pricing list can be kept to a more manageable size and so that you'll have the ability to better track the different options that your clients choose to purchase.

To specify options, navigate to Settings > Pricing.  Choose the product you’d like to add the options to and click Edit.

First, select the Kind of Option - this is where you'll specify whether the option is a finish, size, cover style, etc.

Next, choose the Value for this option.  For instance, if the option is a leather cover, the Values could be black, brown, etc. You can add more Values to accommodate additional colors, etc that your studio offers.  Just click Add more Values.



Assign the extra price (retail price) for the option as well as your Cost of Goods Sold.The Extra Price and Extra C.O.G.S. columns refer directly to the Selling Price and Cost Of Goods specified at the top. In the example below, there is no extra price or cost of goods sold for a 12x18. However, the 20x24 has an extra price of $35 and an extra Cost of Goods Sold of $10.00. This means that the retail price of a 20x24 is $135 ($100 + $35) and the Cost of Goods Sold is $50.00 ($40 + $10).

Extra Price and COGS.png


Your clients will now be able to select product options on Pricing Pages or while choosing Add-Ons during the booking proposal.


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