How do I create an auto-responder for my contact form?

You will need to do this by using the Automatic Email feature in the Lead Status. You have the ability to define a Default Status for any Lead entered from a Contact Form submission. Any new lead generated from your contact form (either from your website or Facebook) is automatically assigned the first status in your Lead Status list (under Settings > Workflows > Lead Tracking).

You can also have an email send automatically when a Lead is in that Status, which will act as the Contact Form's auto-responder . For example, if your default status is NEW, you can configure this status to automatically send an auto-response email. When a potential client fills out your contact form, a lead is generated in ShootQ. This lead is assigned the NEW status and they are automatically sent the auto-response email.

Visit this article to learn more about the Lead Statuses. It will show you how to configure your default status to automatically send emails.

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