Is ShootQ PCI DSS compliant?

This actually refers to two separate areas of the program:

1. How ShootQ handles your studio's credit card information for processing your monthly subscription fee.

Yes, we are indeed PCI DSS compliant through our own account which we use to handle your (and all of our users') credit card information. No credit card information is stored on any of ShootQ's servers nor does it ever pass through our servers. When you enter your credit card information, it is collected via an payment form which is connected directly to their servers. It is then stored securely on their servers in compliance with PCI DSS rules. So none of ShootQ's employees even have access to what your credit card details. The only thing we see is the last 4 digits of your credit card, since everything is stored by

2. How ShootQ handles your clients' credit card information if they pay online via ShootQ using your Merchant account.

You should double check with the merchant account that you are using to ensure that your Merchant is compliant. If you're using any of the Merchant Account connections in ShootQ to process your clients' payments, it's a similar process. Clients enter their credit card information directly into the merchant account's system via the merchant's hosted payment form. So none of the credit card details are stored anywhere on ShootQ servers nor does the information ever pass through our servers.Since your clients' credit card information is stored on your merchant account's servers, we recommend that you contact your merchant to insure they are in compliance with PCI DSS rules as to how they store that information.

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