Change an Invoice After It's Created

You can change an order (and the invoices for that order) by clicking the "Make Changes" link underneath the payments for the invoice in the Billing & Legal section of the shoot.

Make Changes.png

On the next page, you can modify the invoice in a variety of ways.

  • Change the Due Dates
  • Apply a Credit or Discount
  • Modify the Contents of the order
  • Void or Cancel the Order

To change the package contents, package pricing, shipping costs, taxes, payment structure, or contract, click "I need to modify the contents of this order".

Modify Contents.png


Important Note: Prior to clicking the Rebuild This Order button, it's important to make note of any payments that have already been paid by the client (both the amount and payment dates) because they will be deleted. You will need to reapply these manually after the order has been rebuilt.

Rebuild This Order.png


On the next page you can make any modifications to the order that are necessary. Your changes don't take effect until you click Finalize Order.


If you have a contract associated with the original order, your contract will NOT be deleted when rebuilding the order (even when choosing a new contract while Rebuilding). The original contract will continue to be accessible on the shoot's Billing & Legal page in the order's Contracts and Addendums section.


The main thing to keep in mind is that finalizing the recreation of an order will recreate all of the invoices for that order. Any invoices that were previously Paid will not be refunded, but you will need to manually mark these as Paid in the program in one of two ways:

  • During the rebuilding process by clicking Payment Collection and marking the appropriate payment as Paid
  • After the rebuilding process by clicking the View button next to the payment and applying a manual payment on the invoice.


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