Placing a Product Workflow on Hold

Sometimes products get delayed or the process of fulfilling a product for a client gets interrupted. If this happens, you can always put a Product Workflow on hold and resume it when necessary.  Placing a Product Workflow on hold hides those tasks under the Task Manager and on the Dashboard (Home tab) under you resume it.

To place a Product Workflow on Hold, navigate to the shoot and click on Product Workflow under the Tasks sidebar. Clicking on the Hold icon will put that product workflow on hold. Those tasks will then disappear from the Tasks tab.



When putting a product workflow on hold you can leave a note for yourself and also schedule an email (using one of your email templates) to be sent to the client at a specified time if necessary.


You can see all of your On-Hold product workflows for all of your shoots under the Tasks manager. Just click the "Workflows On Hold" link and then click the "Product Workflows" section. You can see the progress of your workflows, any on-hold notes, the due date for the next milestone, the last activity for the workflow and how long it's been on hold. You can also Resume the workflow by clicking the icon on the far right; you can also resume a workflow by going to the shoot (see below).



You can resume a product workflow by navigating back to the product workflow under the shoot's Tasks sidebar and either clicking the Resume icon or the "Take it off hold" link.


You can then adjust the due dates for your milestones. When changing a milestone due date you will be given the option to automatically adjust the other milestone due dates.



Once a workflow is back in process, the tasks associated with that workflow will appear again under the Tasks manager and on the Home tab's Dashboard.


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