Build a Product Workflow

Product Workflows allow you to generate a list of Tasks that are necessary for the completion of a Product you offer. These can be as simple as uploading an image to your print fulfillment house and shipping it off to the client or as complicated as all the various steps and interactions that go into designing, approving and building a wedding album.

The basic process for creating a Product Workflow is identical in almost every way to building a Shoot Workflow, so if you haven't already read that article take a look and we'll spare you the repetition.

However, there are a couple of key differences that we should point out. One is that Product Workflows do not have a Scheduled Correspondence section, since the Shoot date and Booking date are not as relative to the Product Workflow as they are to the Shoot Workflow. The other difference is in the way they are implemented. Where Shoot Workflows are assigned by the studio at booking time, Product Workflows will actually be attached to the item they relate to in your Products & Services section.

Once you have created your Product Workflows, you will navigate here to assign them to their associated items:

Settings > Pricing > Products and Services

You can have as many or as few Product Workflows as you need and they can be assigned to any of the items you sell. This way, any time one of those Products is in a Package that your client orders, whether is it is a standard Package offering of an a la carte Add-On, the associated Product Workflow will automatically be instituted.

To add a product workflow to a product, click the Edit button next to the product you want to configure. At the very bottom of the product configuration page, click on Advanced Settings. You will then be able to select one of your product workflows for the product you are configuring.

You can also "Share a single list of tasks when an order contains more than on of this item". For example, if there are two Press Printed Books in an order, you would only see one task. The idea is that you would be fulfilling both books (and the subsequent tasks) at the same time.


If you have a product that is already part of package on a booked shoot, but it doesn't have a workflow attached to it, you can easily assign one by navigating to the Tasks sidebar of the shoot and selecting Product Workflows. Click the "Apply A Workflow" next to the product that you wish to apply it to. In the example below, the album and the print both have workflows already applied. But the Hour of Coverage does not.

Assigning a product workflow in this way will only apply to the product/service on this shoot; it will not apply it to this item for all future orders and packages. To do that, you will need to go to the product configuration page (Settings > Pricing > Products and Services) as described above.




On the shoot you can also place a product workflow on hold (and resume it), reconfigure it (i.e. choose a different one), add production notes, and remove it altogether. In addition, you can choose to show the progress of a product workflow in the Client Area.


Progress Displayed under Home tab in Client Area



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