Placing Shoot Workflows on Hold

Waiting on a client to get back to you regarding information you need in order to move forward with tasks in your workflow?  If so, you can place workflows for Shoots on Hold within ShootQ.  Placing a workflow on Hold will hide its tasks from the Dashboard and Task Manager until you resume it.

To place a Shoot Workflow on Hold, simply navigate to the Shoot with the Workflow you'd like to place on Hold.

On the Shoot Workflow Task Screen click "Place on Hold"


You'll have an option to leave an internal note regarding the Workflow on Hold and choose whether you'd like to send an email to the Client.  This could be an email reminder about information you might still need.  You can also specify when you would like this email reminder to go out, and can set the email to be sent at a future date.



When a workflow is on hold your tasks will disappear from the Dashboard under the Home tab and the Tasks manager. You will also not be able to mark any tasks as Completed under the shoot Task manager.

You can see any workflows that are currently on hold under Tasks > Workflows On Hold.

Tasks_workflows on hold.png


When you're ready to Resume your Workflow, simply take it off Hold by clicking on the appropriate Workflow on the shoot (see screenshot below). You can also take it off hold by clicking on the icon on the far right under the Task manager in the Workflows on Hold section (see the above screenshot)


From there, you can manually re-adjust the Workflow Due Dates if necessary. ShootQ also allows you to automatically adjust the due dates for your other milestones.




Once you resume a Workflow, these tasks will once again show up in your DashBoard and Task List.


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