Adding Multiple Contracts to an Order or a Shoot

For certain shoots, it may be necessary to have the client(s) sign multiple contracts. For example, on a portrait shoot you may require a contract for the session fee and the original package. But you may also need to have a model release signed as well. During the booking process you can choose the first contract and then add additional contracts once the shoot is officially booked.

To add another contract, navigate to the Billing & Legal section of the Booked shoot and click the "Add a Contract to this Order" link.  Alternatively, you can instead add a contract to the shoot itself for those instances where the contract is not associated with an order. Just click the "Add A Contract to This Shoot" link. Shoot-related contracts will appear at the top of the Billing & Legal section. Order-related contracts will appear below an order. For either contract type, the process will be the same.



On the next page, choose one of your contract templates in the upper right hand corner (or create a new one from scratch). Then designate which of your clients will be required to sign the contract. Anyone who is listed as a Relationship on the shoot will be available as a potential signee.



Once you have signed the contract and clicked the "Sign and Continue" button, you will be given an opportunity to email your client. The email will include a footer directing them into the Client Area where they will be able to sign the contract.



Clients can view and sign contracts under the Billing & Legal section of their Client Area.



In the studio's view, the various order contracts will be listed under the appropriate order in the Billing & Legal section of the shoot where they can be viewed, amended, and deleted. In the example below, the Bronze Package order has two contracts associated with it - a Test Contract and a Model Release.



Shoot Contracts will appear at the top of the page of the Billing & Legal section (above all the orders). Just like order-related contracts, they can be amended, viewed, and deleted.


You can add as many contracts as necessary to an order or a shoot.

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