Creating ShootQ Data Backup

Account Backup

You can now easily backup all your data in ShootQ.  Navigate to the Download Account Data control panel in the Settings tab.


Important Notes

  • The backup is created in the background. It could take awhile, depending on how many brands and shoots you have. 
  • When the backup is complete, you'll get an email with download instructions.
  • The backup will be a ZIP file that contains your contacts, dossiers and invoices for each shoot.
  • ShootQ saves the most recent backup of your account.  When you request a backup, the existing backup file stored by ShootQ will be overwritten.
  • Your backup will be password-protected and is for your eyes only!


 Password Options:

  • System generated
  • Account owner password
  • Specify a password
Once ShootQ creates your backup, you'll receive a link to download the ZIP file.  The ZIP file contains:
  • A folder called "contacts" with CSV and vCard files of all your contacts.
  • Folders for each brand in your account.
  • Each shoot is a sub-folder under the brand folder.  Each contains the shoot dossier PDF (events, relationships, booked package details, and contracts) and PDFs of each invoice.

The backup file can also be retrieved by navigating to Settings > Download Backup.

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