Sales Tax Report

Ever wanted an easier way to figure out your sales tax?  We have now made it easier than ever before with our Sales Tax Report.  This tool will allow you to view sales tax data and export sales tax data to CSV or XLS files. You can run filters for time frame (yearly, monthly, quarterly), and Types of Tax (i.e Los Angeles tax, Littleton tax, etc). All columns (Shoot Name, Gross Sales, Taxable, Exempt, etc) are all sortable.

NOTE: This report calculates tax based on the accrual method. This means the tax is factored when the invoice is created, not when it is collected (known as the 'Cash' method). For studios who use the Cash method and collect the tax as a lump sum on the final payment on an invoice, you can generate an 'Paid Invoices' report under Business > Billing which will show you the date the tax was collected (it will be the same date as the Date Paid column in the report).

Business > Sales Tax


Warning - If you tax on a fixed dollar amount, ShootQ does not assume which products and services are supposed to be taxed, thus making the taxable amount exempt. Consult with your accountant on how to figure your total taxable and exempt amounts for taxes on fixed dollar amounts.

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