Set up your ShootQ-generated Contact Form

The ShootQ-generated Contact Form is an easy and reliable method for getting your leads from your website into ShootQ. It does not maintain the exact appearance or domain of your website and you may find that it isn't as customizable as your website's contact form, but it is a powerful branded integration that can be set up in minutes. This form does use your logo and branding colors, so if you haven't set those up, it would be good to do that now.

To get started on customizing the contact form find your way here in ShootQ:

Settings > Contact Form

The first thing you will want to do is specify what types of shoots you want to offer on this contact form. Simply follow the provided link if you need to build any custom Shoot Types.


Next, you should assign some Public Referrers into your contact form so that clients can let you know who recommended you. This will help you make the most of your business relationships by keeping you aware of what individuals, companies and advertising are helping your business grow. 


Then you can add a customized message to display at the top of your contact form.


Finally, provide a link that the client will be redirected to once they have submitted the form. This could link them back to your website or to a new location like a blog or social networking page.


Click the URL under View Contact Form on the left side of the screen at any time to preview your form.


Once you have everything looking the way you want it, its time to link your ShootQ-generated contact form with your website.

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