How do I integrate a Merchant Account?

Set up a direct integration Merchant Account like, Stripe, Paypal Payments Pro, Braintree, or PayJunction and your clients can pay their invoices online through ShootQ. We'll send the payment to your merchant account for processing and mark the invoice as 'Paid' as soon as the payment is confirmed.

Visit this article for information to learn how to link ShootQ to external shopping cart or unsupported merchant account.

Navigate to the website of the merchant account of your choice and set up an account with them. Your merchant account will provide you with credentials that you can then use to sync up your ShootQ account.

Settings > Invoices & Payments > Online Payments

Start by clicking the New Merchant Account button.

new merchant button.png

Add a Nickname for your account and select your merchant account from the Merchant Type Drop-down menu.


NOTE: You will determine which credit cards you will allow (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover) in your merchant account's admin panel.


You will also need to add the credentials that are specific to your merchant account (see below).

When adding an account, you will see two new fields that require information entered. This is information that you will need to get from, but this article on the site should help you find your API Login ID and Transaction Key. integration will work for US, Canadian, Australian, and New Zealand dollars; the currency can be designated in your account admin panel. PLEASE NOTE: When entering your Transaction Key, do NOT copy and paste the key into ShootQ. Type your Transaction Key to avoid errors like "TEST MODE". 


This article will explain how you can modify your payment form fields and enable E-checking. These features are optional. CIM has a feature which will store your client's credit card info on their servers and automatically charge them when a payment is due. This feature is called Customer Information Manager (CIM). Unlike the other integrated merchant accounts, the client does not have to enter their credit card info every they make a payment when CIM is enabled. You can use the same API Login ID and Transaction key from your regular account (as described above). But you will first need to enable CIM in your account. This article will explain how to properly integrate CIM into ShootQ.


When adding a Braintree account, you will see three fields that require information entered. This is information that you will need to get from Braintree, but this article on the Braintree website should help you find your API Login ID and Transaction Key. Braintree will work for US and Canadian dollars; the currency can be designated in your Braintree account admin panel.



When adding a Stripe account, you will see fields that require your Stripe API Keys. This is information that you will need to get from Stripe, but this article located on Stripe's support page should help you locate your API Keys. You will also need to define the currency - US, Canadian, or Australian dollars.



Integrating Square into ShootQ is slightly different than integrating the other merchant accounts. There are no credentials that you need to add. You just simply "Save" your Nickname and Merchant Type and then "Authorize" ShootQ to connect to Square. After your account is authorized, you can then choose a location (if your Square account has more than one location). Your currency will be determined by the country in which your Square account was set up. Currently Square only syncs with studios based in the United States and Canada although they hope to add more later. Square may also charge higher processing rates for API integration; please contact their support team with more info regarding transaction rates for OAuth API. This article will explain the Square integration process more in depth.


PayPal Payments Pro

Please select Paypal Payments Pro New as the merchant type.  You will also see four fields that require information entered, along with Currency type (US, Canadian, or Australian dollars). This is information that you will need to get from PayPal. Before adding your credentials into ShootQ, please refer to this article to make sure that your Paypal Payments Pro account is configured correctly



When adding a PayJunction account, you will see three fields that require information entered. Prior to adding your credentials you should make sure your PayJunction account is set up properly. If you have trouble configuring your account or finding your credentials, please contact PayJunction for help.



Just remember, adding a new merchant account does not alter all of your existing invoices. If you want to offer the option to clients booked earlier, you will need to navigate to their orders and make the above adjustment.

NOTE: Some merchant accounts have a minimum of $.50 - $1.00. There are also some banks that have a minimum purchase amount of at least $1.00 as well.  Please check with your merchant for specific minimum payment amounts.

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