Updating Your Logo and Colors

Update the ShootQ Colors & Themes for a seamless transition between your personal site and any public-facing ShootQ pages (i.e. client area, proposals, questionnaires, pricing pages, etc). To get started go to Settings > Logos & Colors for the particular brand whose colors you would like to update. You can also update your colors by navigating to Atrium > Account Settings > Colors & Themes and then choosing the brand you would like to customize.

Colors & Themes Overview



Steps to Updating Your Themes, Logos, and Colors

Step 1. Choose a design theme. A theme is the general layout and look for your ShootQ pages.


Click the arrow to see more themes. Click on the theme preview to select the theme.

Step 2. Upload your logo and set the colors for your design. Your options will be determined by the theme you have chosen. Click on an option to choose a color from the color picker. Alternatively, you could also type a color hexidecimal code.

NOTE: Instead of making changes to your colors on the current page, we recommend that you go straight into Preview Mode (step 3) because you will be able see your changes as they are applied.  Also, be aware that some of the options on the current page do not apply to ShootQ-client facing pages; they only apply to Nimbus pages (Nimbus is the website-building component aspect of ShootQ). For example, the Obsidian theme has Additional Features and Widgets which will apply only to a Nimbus web site, not to the ShootQ pages like the client portal, pricing pages, proposals, etc.

FirstSteps_Logo.JPGClick the Logo Placeholder, search for your image, and save!

A special note on logos:  Your logo must be saved with an RGB color space.  ShootQ does not currently support images with a CMYK color space.
Also depending on theme, there are logo size requirements.


Step 3. Select “Preview your changes in ShootQ” to see how your site will look. 


4. The Preview will show how the client area will look. Make any changes to get it just right, and then click “Return to Atrium” in the upper-left.


5. Finally, click "Publish My Changes" to apply your modifications.



 You're done! Now any public facing pages will be displayed with your Personalized settings.

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