How do I import, export or sync my contacts and address book?

You can import (and export) your contacts by going to the Relationships tab and then clicking on the export or import buttons in the sub-menu.


You can export your contacts in either the vCard or CSV format.

You can import your contacts in either the CSV or vCard format. If your contacts are not currently in the correct format, there are numerous vCard converters available.

When importing via CSV we recommend that you use our template which contains allowable contact info fields (i.e. last_name home_email, work_phone). The template can be downloaded under Relationships > Import. Extra fields in the CSV that are not supported by ShootQ may generate the following "Unsupported File Type" error.


If you need to export targeted relationships (i.e. clients from a specific brand), you can use the Marketing features under the Business tab to export to CSV, or vCard format, or directly to a Mad Mimi account.

ShootQ does not synchronize address books with any apps at the moment, but it's definitely something we're considering and looking into.

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