How do I share my pricing with potential clients and let them build custom packages?

It's no secret that custom packages have become one of the hottest requests in this industry. If only it wasn't such a hassle to make them for every individual client. That's exactly why we created the Public Pricing Page, so your clients can build their custom packages without you having to do a thing. Now, you can email a link to your Public Pricing Page and your potential clients can customize the packages you provide, by adding a la carte items on to their chosen package. When they submit their request, you will receive a notice that you have a custom package request to review. Then, if you generate a Proposal for that Lead, their requested package will be ready and waiting for you to send it their way and book the job!

Here's how you can get started.

Settings > Pricing > Share Pricing

Check the box to Enable Public Pricing and add a new Pricing Page or customize an existing one by clicking on the pencil icon.

Share Pricing.JPG

Give your Pricing Page a name to help differentiate it from any others (if you have a ShootQ Studio or Hub account that supports multiple Public Pricing Pages) and add in a description if you choose.  You can preview both your Pre-Booking Pricing Page and your Post-Booking Pricing Page through the url links provided.


Then start adding Packages and a la carte items to the list that you would like to display in the Pre-Booking or Post-Booking Pricing Page by using the provided drop-down menus.


If you made use of Categories when you built your Products & Services and Packages, you can use the All Categories drop-down menu to select only items from a specific Category, like albums. This will pare down the list of items you have to hunt through and make setting up your Pricing Page a breeze.


You can also use the Order button in the toolbar to adjust the order your Packages and a la carte items will display. We've included options to easily allow sorting alphabetically or by price (clicking the icon a second time will reverse the order). You can also simply drag and drop items into the order you would like them in the list.


Once you have completed your Public Pricing Page, you can place a link to it on your website or use the Share Pricing button in any Lead to allow potential clients to build a custom package.  You can also use it as a Post-Booking pricing page.

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