Creating Discounts

Discounts are one of the best incentives to offer a new client or an existing one. Here's how to use Discounts in ShootQ.

The instructions below show how to apply a discount when booking a new lead online or manually.  It works the same way when creating a new invoice for a previously booked job too, without the proposal section.

If sending an Online Proposal (or booking manually), there is a field on the right for Discounts.You can Configure a Discount based on a percentage rate or a flat dollar amount. You can also add multiple discounts to an order if necessary.

You can apply a discount in one of two ways: Before or After taxes. If you calculate Before Taxes, you have the option of applying the discount to Products and/or Services within the package or simply against the subtotal. Choosing After Taxes will always apply it to the order subtotal.

Before Taxes:


After Taxes:


Once you have applied the discount(s), the Discount Label(s) will be shown in all future references.


On the Client Side of the Proposal, note that the Discount line will move depending on if you Choose Before/After Tax.


On the Invoice, note that the Discount line will move depending on if you Choose Before/After Tax.


*Note, if you apply more than one Discount, they will be applied in the order shown.

This flow works the same when booking Manually, or creating additional orders and invoices.

Reporting on Discounts

You have the ability to see what discounts have been applied on the downloaded Income Overview reports (bottom right corner of Business > Billing). There are "Pre-tax discounts" and "Post-tax discounts" columns in the reports that are generated for Paid Invoices and All Invoices By Due Date

And on the Billing & Legal section of a shoot, the discount applied is displayed.



As a note, Discounts are not exported with the Quickbooks Integration at this time.


Happy Q"ing!

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