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Brands in ShootQ are your company's identity. You can have a single company or several, but all of them have an identity and they are all managed from right here in ShootQ.

We know that many of you have more than one iron in the fire, and we wanted to make sure that you could juggle the demands of multiple business without all the confusion. So we have two Account Levels (Studio and Hub) that provide access to multiple Brands. If you have more than one business with unique names, branding or pricing structures, one of these Account Levels could be right for you. Setting up additional Brands will allow you have multiple businesses organized in ShootQ that you can easily switch back and forth between. They will share certain things like their Relationships list, but will have their own logo, branding colors and shoot list.

To set up a new brand, go to SETTINGS > BRANDS

Then click the Add A New Brand button.

Add A New Brand.png

Fill out all of the appropriate information for the Brand and Save your changes. The brand name will be created from the info in the Name field under Contact Information. NOTE: Client replies to emails sent from ShootQ may be negatively impacted when 1) the brand name contains a colon, semicolon, or comma AND 2) Client Response Tracking is enabled.


Next, you'll be asked to choose your Colors and Themes for your brand. If you should ever need to update any of this information, you can always navigate back to access it under Settings > Brands

Helpful Hint: You can transfer settings (Pricing, Questionnaires, Email Templates, Contracts) from one brand to another very easily in the Copy Settings section of the Settings tab (bottom left corner).


Once you have a new Brand created, it is always just a click away (drop down menu in upper left corner of the website).


And if you ever need to delete a brand (and all of its information), please contact our customer service department via a support request. Be aware that removing a brand is irreversible.

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