How do I integrate my BIG Folio contact form?


Note: You need to be using a BIG Folio website with control panel version 2.5 or higher.

You need to use the Email Integration Method to connect your Big Folio contact form to ShootQ.

In your BIG Folio website control panel, update the email address in your profile (Site Settings). You should add your shootQ email address immediately after your current email address and separated by a comma.

Example: if your current email address in your profile is, you should update this field so it looks something like this:,

This will make it so that your BIG Folio contact form submissions will be sent to both your email address and ShootQ.

ShootQ will recognize the formatting of BIG Folio contact form emails, but you need to make sure that the field names of your contact form match those as outlined in the the Email Integration article.


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