Integrate your bluDomain contact form


Most bluDomain contact forms are easily integrated into ShootQ. You simply need to configure your bluDomain template so that a copy of the contact form email is sent to the Lead Creation Email Address so that ShootQ can "read"  the email and automatically create a new lead for you in your ShootQ account.

Use ShootQ's Email Integration Method to connect your bluDomain contact form.

You need to do two things.

1. Make sure that ShootQ can recognize your bluDomain contact form field labels

ShootQ can only import your contact form inquiries if it knows what it's looking at. 

View this list of Field Labels and their Aliases and make sure that the Field Labels in your bluDomain contact form admin section match up.

2. Send a copy of the Contact Form Email to ShootQ by setting up a filter on your email hosting server

Most bluDomain control panels don't give you the ability to easily send the email to two places, so we recommend setting up a filter on your email hosting server to send a copy of the email to your special ShootQ Email Address and also send a copy to yourself.

The default subject of bluDomain contact form emails is "New Client Inquiry" so you can setup a filter that essentially says the following:

If the Subject contains "New Client Inquiry" then redirect the email to your Lead Creation Email Address

You can find your Lead Creation Email Address by navigating to:

Settings > Contact Form > Integrate Your Website


*Note that some webservers (espeically older ones) might not have filtering options. In that's the case, we suggest upgrading your hosting. One example of this is WestHost, so if you use them, check out this article.

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    Jennifer Clapp

    I am so confused I don't understand how to set this up through my bludomain website?? Help! 

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